I’m Nichole Joy. Wifey. VBAC Mama of 3. Birth Junkie.

I’m also that crazy lady that had my third baby on my bedroom floor (Oops, too many squats!).

I find a ridiculous amount of pleasure early in the morning, before my kids wake up, when I have a super hot cup of coffee in hand.

When I’m not preparing women for birth and babies, you can usually find me mommin’ hard and having dance parties with my kids. My son prefers the King of pop and it’s Queen Bey for my daughter and me.

I didn’t choose this birth junkie life, it chose me. After my second birth - a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), I couldn’t go back to my ten-year career in real estate finance.

I feel LIT the eff up when I work with women like me. You know, the busy AF first time mom with a million questions, who’s overwhelmed by the plethora of information on the web.


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Photos by: Jamie Scarlett Photography