Exciting news!


One of my core visions is to change the conversation on pregnancy, birth & postpartum.


A step toward that vision is for every pregnant woman to have access to information.


See... five years ago, I was unprepared for pregnancy, birth and mommyhood.


As are many women today.


Our society does a *poor* job at preparing and supporting women during this time of our lives.


So I’ve decided to make the full 3-day ‘Birth Basics’ class free & available for you to watch as many times as needed. Because, service.


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Ready to binge watch?


Here are the Birth Basics video links:


  • Day 1: Inductions, Braxton Hicks, Contractions, Prodromal Labor & Early Labor

  • Day 2: Active labor, trip to the hospital, natural comfort techniques, positions & movements, pain management medications & monitoring during labor

  • Day 3: Transition, laboring down, rapid labor, pushing, placenta delivery & umbilical cord