What is it?

During your private support sessions, we can discuss all of your questions & concerns about pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

My role is that of additional support to any other practitioners you choose - whether that is your doctor and partner, a doula, or a midwife.

Who is Private Pregnancy Coaching for?

Expectant moms that are looking for private, one-on-one support

What do we cover in Private Pregnancy Coaching calls?

That depends on your specific needs. At the beginning of each call, we can determine what is most pressing and set goals from there.

Common topic examples:

  • How to cope with body changes during and after pregnancy

  • How to manage pregnancy and birth fears

  • How to preparing your mind & body for birth

  • How to choose the birth classes / books / documentaries that suit your style

  • How to choose the right provider for your pregnancy

  • Support in making your birth plan

  • Private birth classes

  • How to prepare for a VBAC

  • How to plan for postpartum

  • Self-care and healing

  • Navigating your new normal

  • Relationship adjustments

  • Sibling adjustments

  • How to handle changes in your career