Nichole Joy - pregnancy coach, birth doula, childbirth expert .jpg

I’m Nichole Joy,

Digital Doula. I am here to revolutionize the way women do birth.


I take a two-pronged approach to this mission by helping pregnant women learn better, more supported ways to birth AND by training Doulas to take their important work online to reach more people.

I’m a c-section mama to my first, proud VBAC warrior to my second, and the crazy lady who accidentally had a baby on the bedroom floor with my third. (Yes, really.)

So, I know first-hand birth can be a wild, crazy, unexpected ride and I’m passionate about helping deliver women into that amazing (& also terrifying!) new role of MOM.

And here’s the thing about that. We live in a culture that focuses only on you having a baby… and not so much on you becoming a great mom.

My job is to help you become the confident mama you want to be and have a birth experience that you LOVE. I’ve helped thousands of moms-to-be advocate for the birth they want and prepare for the motherhood they’ve dreamed of by giving them the tools, resources and support they need to birth THEIR way.

All new moms deserve to feel confident, joyful and prepared entering motherhood. Am I right?

When I’m not empowering women for birth and babies, you can usually find me mommin’ hard and having dance parties with my kids. I’m their forever hype girl.