7 Tips to Prepare for a VBAC

VBAC Preparation Tips.png

1. Allow yourself space to process your C-section(s)

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to processing your C-section birth. Wherever you are on the spectrum that is birth trauma, know that I see you. 

Start by asking yourself, “How do I feel about my Cesarean?

There is no stigma with seeking out additional support to process birth trauma. It’s a beautiful gift to give yourself… and your babies.


2. Choose your birth support team

The location where you choose to give birth and your provider are two HUGE parts of your birth plan. Be relentless in seeking out the most VBAC friendly support team in your local area.

3. Create a birth plan

Yes, even though you know that birth can be unpredictable. Also, include a backup plan in the event that you need a repeat C-section. Gentle Cesareans allow you to create a birth experience that you desire, even if it comes to surgery.

4. Hire a birth doula

Doulas ‘Mother the Mother’... need I say more? 

5. Positive vibes only

  • Immerse yourself in positive VBAC birth stories throughout your pregnancy. Repeat. My VBAC birth stories are linked at the end.

  • Be selective with your company, for now at least. Not everyone will understand why you want to VBAC, and that’s okay.

  • Watch your words for triggers. Words such as “candidate, trial, success (vs. failure), try, let you” can carry a pessimistic energy for some.

6. Mindset

Try to find a balance between planning your VBAC and accepting that a repeat C-section may be necessary. This mental exercise can come up several times per day for some moms… your feelings are valid.


7. Take the VBAC Prep Course.

In this comprehensive online course, you’ll learn everything that you need to do to prepare for your VBAC. You can watch at home, in your PJs.

VBAC is a journey in taking back your power.

Here’s the thing. No matter how this journey unfolds, you will be happier because you are in charge and making decisions that are best for YOU and YOUR FAMILY at every step that you can.

My first VBAC story - in the hospital with an epidural.

My accidental home birth after VBAC video or written version.