Ten weeks postpartum and I’m still on a birth high from my three hour unplanned unassisted home birth!

As I continue to process my third birth, I realize the power of my thoughts, words and actions in creating my experience. I manifested my birth experiences with the law of attraction… all three of them.

What is the law of attraction? “Simply put, the Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on.” (The Law of Attraction)

My first birth was a planned Cesarean and my second birth was a VBAC (vaginal birth after Cesarean). Facing the reality that I manifested a planned Cesarean was something that took me some time to process. More on that later.

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For today, I’m sharing how I manifested my third birth experience. During my pregnancy, several of my thoughts became my words, and my words became my actions. The power of my thoughts, words and actions ultimately created my whirlwind birth experience.

Stay with me here, I’ll break down four of them for you.

(Photo by Jamie Scarlett Photography)

  1. Unassisted Birth

First, what exactly is an unassisted birth? In short, when there’s no medical attendant (Obstetrician, midwife or physician) present at a birth.

Throughout my pregnancy, I knew that the providers wouldn’t have a significant role in my birth. I never felt emotionally connected to them; rather, my prenatal visits felt more like I was checking off a box.

When my husband asked how I felt about the group of midwives that I began seeing with this pregnancy, I responded with:

“I don’t anticipate them (the midwives) having much to do with it (labor). It’ll likely just be you, me and the doula for the most part. The midwife on call will probably just come in at the end when I’m pushing.”

I felt more connected to myself than ever. I felt prepared and ready for labor. I trusted my instincts and my body.

Maybe I should have been a bit more specific with my language. Using the term “undisturbed” would have given me the security of knowing that a midwife was present (in the event of a complication), but would let me do my thing during labor.

2. Daddy Doula

While I was pregnant, I created curriculum for several virtual birth classes. One of the classes, “Coping With Contractions,” was almost named “Daddy Doula.” I changed the title to be more supportive of all families. Because, respect.

The class was designed to teach Moms and their birth partners comfort measure techniques to manage labor pains.

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In my head, this was the perfect way to teach Daddy (my husband) how to use comfort techniques until my doula arrived. During my actual labor, I was able to guide him through doula-ing me. The class, the Daddy Doula title, were exactly what my birth experience came to be.

(Photo by Jamie Scarlett Photography - taken for my curriculum… and I ended up pushing with that peanut ball on the floor!)

3. Home Birth

When I reflected on my last birth (my first VBAC), the transition from laboring at home to the hospital was challenging. It was hard on my body, my mind and my labor. The drive to the hospital, triage, nurses, cervical checks and bright lights - all made me feel tense. I was practically begging for an epidural by the time I was in the labor and delivery room.

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This time I wanted to experience a natural birth. I wanted to feel everything. I wanted to feel the urge to push. I knew that I needed to feel relaxed and safe. Where do I feel the most relaxed? Home, of course.

Early in the pregnancy, I told my husband that I was considering a home birth. Since he wasn’t comfortable with the idea, I made arrangements to birth at the hospital.

When my labor began was progressing quickly, I listened to my instincts. I felt safer waiting at home for support than laboring (& giving birth) alone in the back of the Escalade on the interstate.

(Photo by Jamie Scarlett Photography)

4. Short Labor

Throughout my pregnancy, I spoke about having a short labor. I told one of the midwives, my doula, the birth photographer and my husband that this would be a relatively short birth.

I remember the midwife’s face when I said, “I’m manifesting a short birth.” I meant it. To plan a birth sans drugs, I wanted it to be short!

Further, my actions supported the belief that I would have a short labor. I did ‘all the things.’ I squatted 300x a day for most of my pregnancy (thanks for the tip Ina May Gaskin). I ate six dates a day, beginning at 36 weeks. I did labor preparation stretches daily. I visited a Webster technique certified chiropractor twice a week during my 2nd and 3rd trimesters.

Thoughts → Words → Action → Creation

I believe that my thoughts, words and actions are powerful and created my experience.

I believe that I manifested this birth experience.

I am sharing my experience to empower you. To help you remember what you’re capable of. To remind you of your power.