8 Early Signs of Labor That You Should Know

8 early signs of labor that you should know_pin4.png

As you near the end of your pregnancy, each new cramp / twinge / pain may leave you asking yourself, “Is this it?”

I’ll preface this post with… when in doubt, CALL YOUR PROVIDER. 


Here are eight early signs of labor:


Your baby will drop further down into your pelvis. You might feel your pelvic joints relax, increased pressure on your pelvis and more space to breathe (aka lightening) .


Your cervix will begin to change. Cervical changes include dilation, effacement and movement during labor. 


You might lose your mucus plug and/or have a bloody show. 


You might have a sudden urge to nest. Nesting is cleaning and organizing to get ready for baby.


You might have a backache. And, it might be a different kind of backache than you’ve experienced during pregnancy.


Diarrhea. So glamorous, amiright?!


Your contractions are increasing in length, strength, and frequency.


Your water breaks. 

Note that you may experience ANY combination of these signs.

Be sure to save these to your camera roll for the big day: labor position flash cards.

Nichole Black