Getting an Epidural? Here's What You Should Know

Getting an epidural during birth_here's what you should know_pin1.png

If you're planning on getting an epidural during birth, there are a few things that you should know.

  1. Your partner might not be allowed with you in the room while you're getting the epidural.

  2. Once you get it, you will be confined to your bed.

  3. You will need an IV for fluids.

  4. You will get a catheter so that you can go potty because you won't be able to get up and get out of your bed.

  5. Epidurals are usually very, very effective. Having said that…

  6. They don't always work. Also, they don't always work on both sides.

  7. You should be using a peanut ball to help your pelvis continue to open during labor.

  8. You don't have to push on your back just because you had an epidural and you're confined to your bed. Talk to me more about better coaching positions.

  9. Sometimes getting an epidural can interfere with the body's natural, natural physiological birth process. Not always, but sometimes it does.

  10. You have the option of delaying your epidural for a little bit to see how many contractions you can manage on your own and allow the physiological process to unfold before interfering.