What to Expect in Your First Trimester

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If you’re part of the 70% of women that experience morning sickness, it gets better, I promise.  You will feel like a human again very soon.  Right now, it’s a season of tough.

I hope this list puts a smile on your (possibly green) face!

You might be in your 1st trimester if…

… your boobs just grew a size (like overnight!) and have newly visible veins.

… your nipples are sore AF and are starting to resemble pepperonis.

… you’re constantly thinking, “What is that smell?”

… the idea of walking through the grocery store makes you puke a little in your mouth... And yet, you want an egg roll, RIGHT NOW.  

… you realize that every time you said you were tired in your life - you were NOT tired. THIS is tired.

… you just woke up from a nap...in your car...on your lunch break.

… the only things you’re eating are bagels, pop tarts, and jolly ranchers.

… the toilet paper roll is constantly needing to be changed. But not from going #2.

… every time you look in the mirror, you think “Am I bloated or starting to show?”

… your hormones are making you feel wacky. You cry, laugh, scream, are horny, and despise the thought of sex, all within a 24 hour period.

… you feel like you have a hangover 24/7, complete with vomiting, nausea, dizziness, that light headed feeling, body aches and exhaustion. EXCEPT you didn't enjoy any margaritas last night

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