First Trimester Guide for First Time Moms


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At 6am, I drank half of a red bull and went for a six mile run in my neighborhood. Around 7:30, I remembered that I peed on a stick before my run. Positive!!!! I felt both excitement and panic at the same time. Oh shit, I can’t have red bull! Can I even have coffee? Should I be running?

What did I do next? Obviously I put the cap back on the pee stick to save as a keepsake. Totally normal to keep something covered in pee, right?

It was the weekend and my doctor’s office was closed, so I couldn’t ask anyone until Monday. Even then, the receptionist scheduled my appointment almost a month out (when I would be about 8 weeks along) and said to ask the doctor when they verify my pregnancy.

The private mental struggle of your first, first trimester. I couldn’t tell anyone, because we are told to keep pregnancy a secret until the second trimester.

I spent the next four weeks referring to Dr. Google, abstaining from coffee, questioning my symptoms.

My intention for the First Trimester Guide is for newly pregnant women to get support and answers to their first questions. Grab your copy in the Freebie Library below!