PP is not a bad word.png

If you Google “postpartum,” most of what you’ll find is related to postpartum depression. To me (& many of the moms that I work with), that instills anxiety and fear about the postpartum period.

Postpartum is not a bad word.

Postpartum defines a transitional period. As defined, it is “occurring in or being the period following childbirth.” (Merriam Webster)

Let me be clear. Postpartum depression is a serious condition and should NOT be taken lightly. Furthermore, for women who are currently experiencing postpartum depression (or any PPMD), it is all-consuming. (Note: If you think you may be experiencing a PPMD, or something feels off, please please please seek out support. Please don’t suffer in silence.)

Having said that, I do feel like there's more to the postpartum period. There's beauty, love, bonding, a new life, a new love, and your growing family.

That doesn’t mean that the biggest transition of your life doesn’t come without challenging feelings. There’s also exhaustion, tears and overwhelm.

When you feel overwhelmed, try taking a deep breath, and give yourself some extra love.

What if your best friend, who you love so very much, was going through the same experience? What if she felt overwhelmed with her new baby? What would you say to her?

You'd probably love on her a whole lot, right? What if you loved on yourself that way? How about loving on yourself and giving yourself some grace?

What if you allowed yourself to just be during postpartum?

What if you made your most important priorities to rest, eat, heal, and get to know your baby?

Do you think that 10 years from now, it will matter if the floor was vacuumed? Or if the dishes were done? Probably not.

What will matter is that you loved on yourself and loved on your baby.

That you got to know your baby and got to know this new version of you.

You’ve likely gone through several transitions during your life. Maybe you went off to college, moved out of state or out of the country, or moved in with a partner. With each transition, you probably had an adjustment period.

Becoming a Mom is one of the biggest transitions of your life… and it can take a while to adjust.

In many respects, birth focuses on your baby. Here’s the thing - it’s also the birth of you as a Mother.

This is a time to re balance and readjust to this beautiful new phase of life.

You’re caring for a new little human. You're adjusting to being Mommy.

This is the next level of your life and the next level version of you.